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Christmas Delivery Times 2017

Christmas is around the corner and many of you have been asking for when is that last time you can order fabric or wallpaper to arrive before Santa does...

Please find a little guideline below to assist you with our Christmas Deadlines for our digitally printed fabric and wallpaper.

All orders ordered on or before the regions cut off point should arrive before 25th December.

Fabrics, Gift wrap and Wallpapers :

Eastern Europe / Australia / NZ / Rest of World : 11th December
Western Europe / USA : 12th December
France / Ireland / Belgium : 14th December
UK (Royal Mail) : 18th December
UK (UPS/ DHL) : Pre 12 on 19th December
Collection from NW10, London or London Courier : 19st December


Cushions / Teatowels/ Blankets / Aprons :

Eastern Europe / Australia / NZ / Rest of World : 8th December
Western Europe / USA : 8th December
France / Ireland / Belgium : 11th December
UK (Royal Mail) : 13th December
UK (UPS/ DHL) : Pre 12 on 14th December
Collection from NW10, London or London Courier : 14th December

As a reminder of some of the great products you can find on our store. With a choice of over 50 fabrics and 3 wallpapers, give someone (or yourself) a unique Christmas gift :

- Sample Prints ( 20 x 20 cm) from £1.00
- Fat Quarters (65 x 48 cm) from £4.99
- Linear Meter of fabric ( 140 cm wide) from £14.99 / m
- Custom Gift Wrap from £5.50
- Wallpaper from £30.00
- Aprons from £17.99
- Tea Towels from £11.99
- Cushions from £13.99
- Quilted Blankets from £19.99


Production is shut over the Christmas period from Friday 22nd December to Wednesday 3rd January with no shipments during this time. Our office will attempt to answer any customer emails during this period within 48 hours.


Christmas design by Andrea Lauren - available to purchase from her Fashion Formula Shop

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