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Contest Winners - Design Brief : Mediterranean Seaside

Weekly Pattern Design Competition Results

Design Brief : Mediterranean Seaside

Our latest design challenge was 'Mediterranean Seaside', and we saw some great creativity and lovely patterns. We had a strong contingent this contest from the UK - perhaps a recent holiday was fresh in their minds.

Congratulations to the winners listed below as voted by our website users. We look forward to seeing your designs coming through our factory on fabric and paper.

The next design brief for our weekly contest is : Tropical Paradise

** This contest is a exciting one, with a special high profile project we have been working on featured at the end ***

Submissions and voting closes on the 15th October so get your designs submitted and win some other fantastic prizes

Winner : Claire Barnard from UK - 3 Meters of any fabric

 XWD101622_ClaireBarnard16_Basic_150_1st.jpg (1.13 MB)

2nd Place : Aprisa Chrysantina from Indonesia - 2 x Fat quarters

 XWD101417_titatutu_Basic_150_2nd.png (873 KB)

3rd Place : Drew Llewellyn from UK - 2 x Fat quarters

 XWD101687_Ballydrew_Basic_150_3rd.png (1.35 MB)

4th Place : Tracy Beagen from USA - 1 x Sheet of Gift Wrap

 XWD101436_tracylucy_designs_Basic_150_4th.jpg (1022 KB)

5th Place : Zoe Chapman from UK - 1 x Sheet of Gift Wrap

 XWD101455_Ollieandroo_Basic_150_5th Place.jpg (574 KB)

See some of the other designs entered below:

 Other-Winners.jpg (610 KB)








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