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Could you be a Sewentist?

Could you

We are recruiting a select group of around 15-20 talented fabric, DIY and paper experimenters to work with our latest and upcoming fabric offerings on specific projects.

We are looking for innovative designs, creativity and skilled sewers / designer -makers to create some wonderful things from all walks of the creative world- from fashion, interiors, crafters, upcyclers, childrenswear, activewear and much more.

If you are selected, you will receive

  • Lots of free Fabric for your project
  • Guidance and help to make / design the items
  • Publicity for you and your brand when the project is pushed live via our social and traditional media channels
  • Special discounts for fabric and wallpaper printing
  • Much more

 Follow us on social media at #thesewentists

Click here to apply to become a Sewentist


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