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Could you be a Sewentist?


Could you be a sewintist2


Many of our customers love the idea of getting crafty and seeing their prints come to life but don’t know where to start! That’s where YOU come in!

We are relaunching our Sewentists platform to create content for our fortnightly tutorials that will be published on our website, dedicated Instagram account (@thesewentists) and other online media outlets.

We are looking for talented designer/makers who are interested in making tutorial videos, time lapses, written instructions and photographing their work processes under the Fashion Formula umbrella.

We are committed to bringing fresh ideas to our customers and giving them a helping hand in pushing their creativity to the max! Through creating an inspirational community of curated designers and producers we hope that by showing off your skills and techniques, we can inspire our customer base to show off theirs!


How does it work?

Every few weeks we will release new project ideas to our designer/maker community and applicants will be selected to participate and provided with further guidance via email.

Projects will be set from a range of sectors including fashion, activewear, childrenswear, up-cyclers, craft, homeware, DIY sewing and interiors.

Although we have many ideas of products we would like to include, ultimately we are looking to showcase our fabrics and papers with your products! We are open to suggestions so if you have a similar product in mind or new ideas, please get in touch and we can review your ideas.


Which projects are available to apply for now?

New projects

·         How to make a simple garment (e.g. simple A-line skirt, basic top etc)

·         Easter gift or decoration ideas

·         Propose your own idea


Who are we looking for?

We are reaching out to anyone who is interested in being creative and collaborating on projects with us.

You don’t need to be a pro, just passionate about the craft you want to share and with enough skills to complete the project to a high standard and within the given time frame.

Our studio team are on hand every step of the way to provide guidance and motivation!


What’s in it for you?

·         Lots of free fabric for your project

·         1 metre additional fabric for your personal use for each project

·         Guidance and help with making your creative content

·         Publicity for you and your brand via our social and traditional media channels

·         A Designer/Maker feature on our Blog

·         You will automatically be accepted for a wholesale account


How do I get involved?


Click here to Sign up here

Share your work with us on Instagram using the Sewentists (#thesewentists) and Fashion Formula (#fashionformulauk) hashtags,and email us with your ideas at [email protected] to join the community.

The title of your email should include The Sewentists and the project name you are applying for.

Please include the following information in your email.

·         Tell us a bit about yourself, your area of expertise and which products you are interested in making.

·         Which fabrics are you interested in working with

·         Provide an estimation of fabric meterage required and the time frame you will need to complete the content. (Ideally we would need the content with our studio team within a maximum of 2 weeks after you have received the fabric from us)

·         The print you are proposing for the fabric. This could be from our online catalogue or one of your own custom designs

·         Rate your project level and tell us who your target is (Beginner, Intermediate, Expert)

·         Photographs of your previous work


Please make it clear if you are happy to create video content or if you would prefer to provide still images and written instructions only.

We are looking for ongoing collaborations so please do not hesitate to express your interest in more than one product.

Once we have reviewed your submission we will be in touch by email with further details on how we would like to proceed with your application.



To coincide with Mothers Day (Sunday 22nd March), our first tutorial, brought to you by our Fashion Formula studio team, is a step by step guide on How to make a Sleep Eye Mask using as little fabric as a sample print.

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