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Design your own gift wrap this Christmas!



Add an extra personal touch to your Christmas gifting this year with personalised gift wrap of your own design!

You don’t have to be a Photoshop whizz to achieve great results on our gift wrap paper.


Follow our step-by-step guide for how to use Microsoft Paint to realise your gift wrap ideas.


Presents under tree small_1


Ok, let's begin!

Firstly, find/open Paint and you will be shown a new blank picture for you to begin creating your design.

1. find paint_31. new artbook_4

Decide on the size of your picture and resize the image canvas.

You can create an image to the full size of the wrap sheet or you can create a motif/single image to be repeated across the gift wrap. Our gift wrap sheets measure 50cm x 70cm.

Resize your image by click and dragging the bottom right corner of the picture. (Circled in blue) You can see the size of the image on the bottom bar of the screen. (Circled in orange).

If you don’t work with pixels, you can change the unit of measure for the image by clicking File > Properties > Units.

2. resize image_12. units_2

Now that you have the basics sorted, you can start having fun with the design!

Add a colour to your background using the paint bucket tool and play around with shapes library.

You can have a different colour for the outline of shapes to the middle/main colour.

 3. fill with colour3. draw a star_1

Resize your shapes using the same click and drag method you used to resize the image canvas.

Layer shapes on top of each other to create details and bring your shapes to life!

4. building a snowman5. finished snowman motif_1

As it’s Christmas, why not use the ‘Airbrush’ brush option to add some snow to your design.

6. snow - airbrush

You could also go full personalisation and add your loved ones name to your design using the text tool!

Sophia 1st Christmas_1

So now you’ve got your finished design and you’re ready to upload to the Fashion Formula website.

Upload your full design or motif and play about with the repeat/drop options.


Happy wrapping!


Christmas giftwrap puzzle





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