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Designer of the Week - Esmee Buckle

Designer of the week: Esmee Buckle


This week, we interviewed Esmee Buckle from Esmee Buckle Designs. Based in the countryside near Cambridge in the UK. Her natural patterns  made us want to discover more about her work process:




- What is your studio name and location?

I am based in the Cambridge countryside and work from home in my own studio, which my sister calls crumpet corner. 


- Which design school did you study at (if you did)?

I graduated from Norwich University of the Arts in 2016, where I achieved a First Class BA Honours Illustration Degree.




- When did you first start being interested in design?

I have been interested in design all my life. As a child I visited so many museums, gallery's and stately homes, I was so amazed at all the patterns and colours and always said to myself that I wanted to be able to do that. I knew the best way to learn was to completely amerce myself in that world!



- Describe your style for us in 10 words?

Bright, colourful, botanical, lively, fresh, clean and bold.




- What / who are your major influences?

As an illustrator my work always has a narrative behind it. Each of my designs have a story to tell, what I'm reading, watching or listening to hugely effects what I am creating. 

I was given a book for my birthday titled "Bitten By Witch Fever" by Lucinda Hawksley, it is a beautiful book which recounts true historical stories about the use of arsenic in wallpaper the in Victorian period. The beautiful pictures have definitely inspired some of my newer work but as a pattern designer I look up to some of the classic design artists, William Morris, Josef Frank and Cole & Son. 




- What are you working on at the moment?

This summer I have gathered together lots of inspiration and am at the beginnings off a new project, but in all honesty, I don't know what it is going to become yet. Getting started is always the hardest part of any new project but I'm feeling confident!




- What do you hope to accomplish in the future?

At the moment my design career still feels very small, I feel still fresh out of uni and that I have so much more to learn. But I am starting to plan for much bigger things, a physical shop is the dream. I want to expand further into interior design and being able to have a place to showcase all my ideas would be the starting point to expand so much further into the creative market. 


- What tips would you give new designers starting out?

My best advise for anyone starting out is to keep up the creativity. It is so easy to fall into a rut and not know what you want to do. Motivation can be so hard to find when your working alone. It helps to have other creative minds around you to bounce ideas off. I keep a sketchbook in my bag and my iPhone at hand, anytime I think of an idea or see something that inspires me, I make and note or snap a quick picture. If I'm always looking for inspiration, it gives me ideas, I want to share with others and it keeps me going and moving forward. Don't stop, keep going and use your resources. The more you do the more likely you are to achieve your goals.  




- What music you listen to while designing?

Last Christmas I was given a Roberts Radio and I unashamedly listen to Classic FM all the time! The podcast Lore, written and produced by Aaron Mahnke never fails to provide a gripping tale if I'm not feeling the music. 


Thanks Esmee for your insight into your creative journey and process.


You can buy Esmee’s designs from her Fashion Formula shop here


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