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Designer of the Week: Gloria Castaneda, founder of Lou and Moss

Explore the whimsical world of Lou and Moss, prints and illustrations from the imagination of Gloria Castaneda. Her adorable watercolours adorn childrenswear, homewares and fabric. Here we gain insight into Gloria’s inventive mind and her creative process.

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What is your studio name and location?

My studio name is Lou & Moss and I’m located in Northwest Arkansas, United States


Where did you study?

I studied Graphic Design at Northwest Arkansas Community College


Describe your design process

My process usually starts with rough sketches then I’ll decide whether if I want to paint or illustrate on the computer. If I do decide to paint, I’ll photograph my watercolors and then take it into Photoshop and create my repeats.


What is your favourite part of the design process from inspiration, drawing to the ­final printed fabric/product?

This is hard to pick. I love all parts of the processes. The excitement I get from idea, then placing the idea on paper to digitally creating the repeats. Then seeing your work on fabric or products is so rewarding. I love it all!


Who do you design for? Who is your muse?

I design for myself, children and anyone who is childlike minded.

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What fi­rst sparked your interest in print design?

When I landed my second design job as product developer. I started designing head wear, apparel and hard goods for large retailers and brands, and this is when my eyes were fi­nally open. Seeing your work in stores and on people wearing them in the streets is so exciting!


Describe your style in 5 words

Whimsical, colorful, adventure, funny, free


What is your favourite medium to work in and why?

Watercolor is best. I also have a love for digital and pen and ink. I will switch mediums depending on my mood, but I will always go back to watercolor. With watercolor I feel more in control, but also I’m mentally at ease when I paint.

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What / who are your major influences?

Animals, children, nature and colors combinations I see in nature, clothes and furniture.


What has been your career highlight so far?

Prior to Lou & Moss, I had the awesome experience to design for the largest retailer in the world and several well know brands. But I feel my greatest highlight in my career is helping small business. The joy, excitement and sometimes tears they get when they see their products coming to life, is so ful­filling.

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Your biggest challenge you have faced as a designer?

Marketing and getting my name out there. I’m terrible at social media. I like taking pretty pictures, but I have no idea what to say when it comes to posting.

Best exhibition/museum/research trip/inspirational place

I love going to trade shows like Surtex, National Stationery Show, MAGIC in Las Vegas to see what others are doing on print and fabrics. I can’t sew at the moment, but I love touching fabric. I also love attending the trend seminars at these shows. So much info, colors and the vibe is awesome!

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Favourite music when designing

Some rap (Missy Elliot, Cardi), Michael and Janet Jackson and R&B music. I like up tempo beats. I also love to listen to podcasts like The Honest Designer, Proof to Product, Positively Creative and How I built this.


What are you working on at the moment?

I’m working on new designs for a few of my clients.

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What do you hope to accomplish in the future?

Grow my client base. Designing full time for Lou & Moss. I want to strengthen my skill in illustration and creativity. Also creating more

complex repeats.


Do you have any tips for new designers starting out?

Stop comparing yourself to others. Expect Failures and learn from them. Stay focus on what your path.


Follow on Gloria on Instagram @shoplouandmoss and see more of her work over at: https://louandmoss.com/

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