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Designer of the Week: Lois O'Hara

This week we spoke to the Brighton based Lois O’Hara about her wavey prints, music and painting basketball courts!

 Lois OHara Basketball Pink Portrait


What is your studio name and location?  

I work from my home studio in Brighton!

Where did you study?

Arts University Bournemouth

Describe your design process

I view my style as “wavy" and the idea of capturing movement is something that really interests me. Fluid, curvy lines and bold splashes of colour both play a huge part in my visual identity.


 Lois OHara Beach Towel


What is your favourite part of the design process from inspiration, drawing, to the final printed product?

I like the moment after completion where you take a few days to reflect on a project. Once I get to revisit my work, that is when I feel most satisfied as straight after completion I never feel ready to stop.

Who do you design for? Who is your muse?

Adults who do not want to grow up and people who also think that colour is power.

What first sparked your interest in print design?

When I started screenprinting at Uni, I fell in love with the fluoro inks and how many different patterns could be made by simply overlaying colours.

Describe your style in 10 words

Fluid, Wavy, Colourful, Positive, Playful, Powerful, Bold, Romantic, Consistent, Unique

What is your favourite medium to work in and why?

I love to screenprint and paint!


 Lois OHara Screenprint


What / who are your major influences?

I look up to London-based artists / designers such as Camille Walala, Kelly Anna, Yinka Ilori, Lakwena...

What has been your career highlight so far?

Painting the UK’s 1st ever giant basketball art court 


 Lois OHara Basketball Court


Your biggest challenge you have faced as a designer?

Working out how to price jobs!

Best exhibition/museum/research trip/inspirational place?

180 the strand put on some good exhibitions, as well as NOW Gallery. I’d love to have a solo show / installation there!

Favourite music when designing

Rappers who claim they made it from nothing to something such as Drake, Nav and Tory Lanez

What are you working on at the moment?

There are lots of projects TBC!!!

What do you hope to accomplish in the future?

I want to start working bigger and get the chance to re-design unique places such as hotels! I’d love to paint a swimming pool!

Do you have any tips for new designers starting out?

You have to be persistent and not listen to criticism if you have a strong vision of where you want to get be.


You can see more of Lois’ work over at her website www.loisohara.co.uk and on her Instagram @loisohara

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