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Designer of the Week -Lucie Cooke

This week, we interviewed Lucie Cooke from Lucie Cooke Design. Based in Clitheroe in Northern England. We are quite fan of her cute and quirky designs. We want you to discover more about her work process:



- What is your studio name and location?

Lucie Cooke Design Ltd. Based in Clitheroe, Lancashire.


- Which design school did you study at (if you did)?

I did 1 year at Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh studying BSc Hons Textile and Fashion Design Management before transferring to De Montfort Uni in Leicester to do BA Hons Contour Fashion, which specialises in lingerie, corsetry, swimwear and body fitting garments. 



- When did you first start being interested in design?

Designing, creating and making has always been a big part of my life. We were always doing arty projects at home from being very little.


- Describe your style for us in 10 words?

I am still developing/discovering my true style as a surface pattern designer. I have been an in-house designer for quite a few years, where your job it to be adaptive to customers styles and needs, and that can make you easily lose track of what is actually you.  I am taking up design challenges and online courses and experimenting with different methods and techniques. I would say my developing style is quirky, whimsical, naive, combining illustrations, painted florals and geometrics.



- What / who are your major influences?

I recently travelled to Japan and that has been a big influence recently, from kawaii characters to cherry blossom sketches


- What are you working on at the moment?

 I have just started the Make it in design Summer school which I have been really looking forward to as I got so much out of the Winter school. I am quite busy with freelance projects for the moment too. I’m currently working on a few SS18 nightwear and swimwear ranges and in September I will be starting AW18 research and developments.


- What do you hope to accomplish in the future?

Developing my personal style further and I would like to grow the artwork licensing side of my business.


- What tips would you give new designers starting out?

Keep going through the nerve-wracking moments and wobbles in confidence, everybody has them. Some months will be quite busy and everything is great and some will be tough, but just keep going and keep pushing forward.



Thanks Lucie for your insight into your creative journey and process.


You can buy Lucie’s designs from her Fashion Formula shop here

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