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FABRIC FOCUS: New Organic Fabrics!

In a time where we are all forced to stand still, we are hearing daily reports of how the world is healing and changing for the better!

There are dolphins and swans in the Venice canals, the Himalayas are visible from parts of India for the first time in 30 years, and there’s now an EVEN BIGGER Eco Organic fabric range at Fashion Formula!

Header image - organic calico 

Introducing the NEW additions to our Eco Organic range available to shop on our website NOW!!!! 


Organic Calico

Natural colour, 155gsm, 100% GOTS Cotton

Meterage prices range from £14.20 – £24.75


Organic Satin

Natural colour, 140gsm, 100% GOTS Cotton

Meterage prices range from £15 - £29.40


  These new offerings add to our existing and ever-growing Eco Organic range detailed below. 

Eco fabric range


Organic Cotton Jersey Interlock

210gsm, 100% Cotton

 Meterage prices range from £14.25 – £28.75


GOTS Optic Organic Panama

309gsm, 100% GOTS Cotton

 Meterage prices range from £16.50 – £31.75


GOTS Organic Cotton Panama Natural

309gsm, 100% GOTS Cotton

 Meterage prices range from £16.50 – £31.90 


Eco rPET Canvas

210gsm, 45% Recycled (100% Polyester)

 Meterage prices range from £17 – £25


Eco Lycra

190gsm, 78% rPET, 22% Elastane

 Meterage prices range from £18.10 – £31.25


Upholstery Eco – FR Crib 5

305gsm, 100% Recycled Polyester

 Meterage prices range from £37.20 – £70


GOTS Organic Drill Natural

250gsm, 100% GOTS Cotton

 Meterage prices range from £18 – £32.25   


Eco French Terry

310gsm, 50% Recycled PES, 25% PES 25% Cotton 

 Meterage prices range from £14.80 – £25


There has been a HUGE shift in attitudes towards sustainability and organic textiles as people are caring more and more about our planet!

How environmentally conscious are you?

Let us help you, help the planet!


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