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Fashion Formula Student Print Scholarship 2018

We are super excited to announce that we are giving 5 students the opportunity to have their uni design project sponsored!

Sign up before 9th April 2018 for a chance to have your student project sponsored by Fashion Formula!!

1st Prize - 15 Metres of Digitally Printed Fabric (worth around £250)

2nd Fashion Prize - 5 Metres of Fabric (worth around £100)
2nd Interior Prize -
5 Metres of Fabric (worth around £100)
3rd Fashion Prize -
2 Metres of Fabric (worth around £40)
3rd Interior Prize-
2 Metres of Fabric (worth around £40)


How to enter :

1. Sign up to our student page & fill out your details for more information 

2. Follow us on Instagram @fashionformulauk + comment & tag 2 friends who love to design and create. 

3. Tag your process shots at #fashionformulauk
to get yourself involved!

4. Email a Short Artist Statement to [email protected].

- What is your collection/project about? (e.g Concept, Theme & Market)
-The fabric you want to use. (Visit our fabric list)
- What are you making? (e.g Samples, Garment, Cushions, Upholstery)
-Favourite designer.
- University / Course / Graduating Year.


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