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How to make a DIY fabric Christmas wreath

Christmas wreath header2


Follow our simple instructions to make a fabric Christmas wreath you can bring out year on year to add some festive cheer to your home. 


What you will need for this fun festive project - Materials:

• 1 metre minimum of your chosen fabric

• Soft stuffing (we used a 60x60cm cushion inner)

• Sewing thread 

What you will need for this fun festive project - Equipment: 

• 1 x ruler

• 1 x fabric scissors / rotary cutter 

• 1 x hand sewing needle or sewing machine

• Something long and thin to help push the stuffing into the tubes (we used a knitting needle)

• 1 x Safety pin (to turn the tubes the right way around)

• Cutting matt – helpful but not essential


Step by step instructions:



Video: DIY Christmas fabric wreath



1.     Pick a print for your wreath.

Upload your own design or choose one of ours at fashion-formula.com


We used Poinsettia Christmas Red on Creme by Heleen_vd_thillart (XWD115244) printed onto our Organic Cotton Drill fabric.


Christmas wreath - organic drill fabric


2.     Cut the fabric into 3 strips.


We recommend 12cm wide and at least 150cm long. You might need to join a few strips together to reach the correct length.


Helpful tip: If you’re using a non-stretch fabric, cut the fabric on the bias (45 degree angle from fabric edge) to add a little stretch.


Christmas wreath - cut the strips x3



3.     Fold each strip in half with the print sides facing and sew along the long edge to make 3 tubes.


4.     Turn the tubes inside out so that the print is on the outside.


You can do this by attaching a safety pin to one side and feeding it through the tube until it comes out the other side.


5.     Now it’s time to stuff the tubes.


Leave some unstuffed length at the end to make a hanging loop for your wreath.


We used cushion stuffing and a knitting needle to push the stuffing inside.


6.     Once you’ve stuffed all 3 tubes, secure them at one end with a knot and plait them together until you reach your desired length.


Christmas wreath - plait the strips


7.     Get creative and add a bow or pompoms to finish it off.


8.     Hang the wreath on your door and reward yourself with a mince pie for a job well done. Merry Christmas!


 Christmas wreath2



Follow this turial via video here: DIY Christmas fabric wreath


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