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How to make a DIY Halloween no-sew fabric garland

If like us, you love a DIY project this is a super simple no-sew technique to make some fun Halloween decorations for your home. 


What you will need for this spooky project:

• 10 x pieces of fabric 30cm x 17cm (You can also try using scrap pieces of fabric)

• 1 x fabric scissors / rotary cutter 

• 1 x roll of ribbon (colour of your choice)

• Sweets for fillings. Or you can use tin foil!

• Clear string 

• Cutting matt – helpful but not essential


1. Begin by cutting up 10 pieces of fabric to size. We had a wonderful spider web design by Adena J printed. Check out all her creative designs here: Designer Store (


2. Don’t worry too much if the sizes are not perfect you won’t notice when they turn into sweets. We find a cutting matt super helpful for measuring sizes but of course a ruler does wonders also.

3. We then cut up 20 pieces of orange ribbon at 25cm each. 

4. Place your filling in the centre of your rectangle piece of fabric. We chose some chocolate eyeballs for extra spooky vibes. 


5. Roll the fabric up. Do this one at a time. You could use some sticky back tape to hold in place if it becomes a little fiddly.


6. Bring the fabric together on each side and tie a bow using the ribbon you have pre-cut.


7. Continue until you have made ten or however many you would like. 


8. Pull the clear string through the back of the ribbon. Loop them round twice so they do not budge


Make sure you save the fabric for next year! Or you can re-use for another crafty task!




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