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Make It In Design Summer School 2016 : Prize Winners

This year we collaborated with the Make It In Design summer school to encourage designers to explore their artistic side and further their creative journey. There was some tremendous talent on show and it was a really tough decision to choose our favourites and pick winners.


At Fashion Formula, we are passionate about offering designers the opportunity to showcase their work to the world and to offer their designs on fabric, wallpapers and homeware products without the risk traditionally involved with setting up their own business and handling all the headaches that come with manufacturing and selling products.


We would like to congratulate everyone who participated in the Summer School and hope that you enjoyed learning and creating as much as we loved being a part of your creative journey. 


Fashion Formula offered 9 prizes in total, 3 for each track of Summer School based on work submitted to the two trend briefs:

  • 1st prize: 3 meters of any fabric from their range and 4 sheets of gift wrap (50 x 70 cm each)
  • 2nd prize: 1 meter of any fabric from their range and 2 sheets of gift wrap (50 x 70 cm each)
  • 3rd prize: 2 Fat quarters of any fabric ( 65 x 48 cm) and 1 sheet of gift wrap (50 x 70 cm each)


Beginners Track

1st Place : Hilda Allen

442_hilda_allen_hildaallenbegcb1.jpg (92 KB)

 2nd Place : Jessica Southwick

442_jessicasouthwick_jessicasouthwickbegcb2final.jpg (101 KB)

3rd Place : Natasha Eveleigh

442_natasha_eveleigh_natashaeveleighbegcb1.jpeg (107 KB)



1st Place : Elizabeth Cadd

442_art_elizabethcaddintcb1.jpg (120 KB)

2nd Place : Julia Khimich

442_moskalyuk_yulya_juliakhimichintcb1.jpg (91 KB)

3rd Place : Eva Finch

442_eva_evafinchintcb2.jpg (82 KB)


Advanced Track

1st Place : Aga Kobylinska

442_agnieszkakobylinska_agnieszkakobylinskaadvcb1.jpg (146 KB)

2nd Place : Joanne Diggle

442_joannediggle_modernpopartfinal.jpg (130 KB)

3rd Place : Sarah Twist

442_sarahtwist_sarahtwistadvcb2.jpg (100 KB)


To see all the designs and the winners, please visit the link to Make It In Design's blog page.








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