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Make your own Embroidery Kit


If you've exhausted pretty much all of your craft materials and you're looking for new ways to be inspired...

Why not get your doodles, prints and photographs printed onto fabric and make your own embroidery kit

Perfect for total novices and experienced embroiderers alike. 
Choose your own complexity and get creative!


full circle



Work into existing prints to make them come alive or start from scratch with an outline of something that excites you!

We decided to take inspiration from famous landmarks with places we're lusting over for future getaways, as well as looking back at memories already made.




Do your holiday photographs justice with the framing they deserve

Taj process




Use your embroidery hoops for function AND framing


London skyline with print



You can make your designs as intricate or simple as you wish!

St Basils process2

St Basils in hoop angled shot_1



We used our Organic Satin fabric base but would also recommend:

Cotton Calico Plain
Organic Calico Natural

Any tightly woven even-weave cotton is a good option for embroidery.
Cotton, Linen, Rayon and Polyester blends are all suitable.




Explore our extensive design catalogue for prints you can order right now!


our designers


Designs by OJardin,

HotHibiscus & BrankaPD

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