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Meet our Designer of the Week : Tasherellakitty

Meet this week's Designer of the Week - Natasha Rowarth of Tasherellakitty

Natasha's beautiful designs are a combination of illustrations, ditsy patterns and playful collages.

Tash-mix-1.jpg (147 KB)

We asked Natasha a couple of questions about her designs, inspirations and goals.

-       What is your studio name and location?

My studio name is, TasherellaKitty Surface Pattern Designs and it is based in my lovely home in Glossop, up in the High Peak hills! A great location for inspiration.

-       Which design school did you study at?

 I studied Textile Design for Fashion and Interiors (specialising in CAD print and pattern) at The University of Huddersfield.

-       When did you first start being interested in design?

 I have always been creative and artistic for as long as I can remember. My mum said when I was a toddler I would demand to only wear polka dots! I have a very creative mum and grandparents so I think it runs in the family. Obviously, as I have grown I have taken my passion more seriously and taken it further in terms of studying and in my career. 

I studied art throughout school and then went on to do my A Levels and then a Foundation Art & Design degree at Newcastle Under Lyme College which was fantastic! I then went on to study Textile Design at The University of Huddersfield where I won a years work experience at Turner Bianca PLC, (a home textile supplier) and then upon finishing my degree I went on to working as a designer for home textiles and the lead trend forecaster at Sadaqat Global LTD in Manchester.

My ambition as a child was to be a designer walking the streets of NYC and a couple of years ago in my previous job I achieved this and I took it all in...I thought, "Wow, I have done it! I am a real designer with designs in stores all over the UK high street and here I am in NYC for business". A very proud moment.

Tash-mix-2.jpg (140 KB)

 (Natasha's designs on our Cotton Light Twill)

 -       Describe your style for us in 10 words?

 Spontaneous, fun, lively and surprising, my inspiration comes from anything and everything. (Ok that was 12...) 

-       What / who are your major influences?

 I am always looking around so I can be inspired by absolutely anything. It is something I have always naturally done and it has always been seen as a great skill as I can often see things others can't initially see. I see patterns everywhere, which sounds crazy really! I keep an eye on current trends but also I am always looking for the 'what's next' and something a bit different because I like to stand out a bit.

In terms of artists, as a child it was Alfonse Mucha, I went to his gallery in Prague a couple of years ago which was another tick off the bucket list, his designs are so detailed and have a beautiful flow to them. I remember always trying to draw in his style as a chid. 

-       What are you working on at the moment?

I currently have a few commission pieces on the go (which I can't really disclose at the moment) and I am working on building up my own collection of prints too. I am pretty new to freelancing so I am feeling really creative having followed briefs for so long! I have signed up to do the Advanced Make it in Design Summer School course too, just because it sounded good fun!

I am also off out to look for some new inspiration, I have a National Trust pass which comes in very handy!

Tash-4.jpg (271 KB) 

-       What do you hope to accomplish in the future?

 I have a wide range of home textile designs in stores across the UK high street from when I was working for my previous employer but would absolutely love to have my own designs out there somewhere! I know that it will happen one day soon, my passion and love for patterns drives me to be successful. I just absolutely love designing and couldn't imagine ever doing anything else.

-       What tips would you give new designers starting out?

 Stick at it. It is hard, it is competitive and it takes time to find your style. But keeping at it is so worth it. Don't expect the world in a day, honestly, I have and continue to work really hard but you get there in the end. Always keep an eye on what is going on around you, not only via trends but also social media etc because we live in a super fast time, it is easy to get left behind. And draw/paint/sew anything you like to do that is creative, just do it!

Tash-3.jpg (183 KB)

Thank you Natasha for your insight!

You can visit Tasharellakittys's shop and purchase her designs on fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap today at:

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