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Meet the Makers #2 - Shiru Shiru


This is an exclusive interview for our 'Meet the Makers' series! We are so proud to announce that we have printed fabrics for Sylvia who owns the Shiru Shiru shop. Her story is extremely interesting as it is based on the Otome games. They are simulation games that are online and were originally established in Japan.


The Shiru Shiru shop is based in Nottingham, UK and it focuses on selling fan art merchandise such as zip purses inspired by the anime Sylvia loves. All the zip purses are created by Sylvia and she is thinking in the near future to branch out into other accessories as well. She uses our Heavy Satin FR to obtain fantastic, bright colours, sharp detailing and a smooth feel to compliment her beautiful designs.


halloweenrfa.jpg (328 KB)


What was your inspirations behind your business?

I have wanted to own a business for a while however I just didn’t know where to start. I did my Bachelor degree in Fashion Design however I quickly realized that I am not extremely passionate about it.

I spend more of my spare time working on Cosplays, creating illustrations, catching up to new anime and occasionally going to Comic Cons. I then took the inspiration to create something from all of my favorite hobbies.

 That is how my inspiration came into creating a practical item that people can use on a daily basis. Additionally, these zip purses would show what fandom the customers are into.


juminclose.jpg (250 KB)


That sounds extremely inspiring that you managed to create a business out of your favorite hobbies, it must feel extremely rewarding!

Yes, it is very nice to be able to bond with other people over a certain character or even a certain series. That is how I got around to making my first set of designs which were inspired by the Otome game Mystic Messenger.


Is the Shiru Shiru shop your full time job, part time or simply a hobby?

It is quite funny actually as how this started off. It was just a fun idea and I thought it would be something to do on the side however with all of the orders I am receiving I am going to to have my hands full and will eventually be doing this full time.

 seven2.jpg (167 KB)

What are your major influences?

Anime, hands down. I grew up watching Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura, and I always loved to draw magical girls. I then learned how to draw them also in Chibi form (anime that is small in stature). Nowadays I watch a lot of different genres especially a lot of Yokai and mystery themed animes. I also look up to various artists in the Pixiv community as their beautiful work always motivates me to constantly improve my drawing.

hbc4.jpg (239 KB) 


We are very interested to know on what you are working on at the moment.

I am working on exciting new designs! There is a lot of new season animes that have been released so I have been taking inspiration from that. I am also experimenting on how my drawings would look as a print for Furoshiki which is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth.


What do you hope to accomplish in the near future?

I would be extremely happy just to see my shop grow. I want to create more illustrations and of course to continue making cute things!

rfa2.jpg (153 KB)

What is a tip you would give out to the new makers?

Do something that you love and makes you happy. Don’t think too much when you have a spark of inspiration or an idea, simply- RUN WITH IT!


Lastly we asked Sylvia to describe her style in a couple of words: Kawaii, Chibi, Moe, Fandom, Colorful, Practical, Fun, Cute, Sweet and most importantly it is handmade with LOVE!

hbc2.jpg (149 KB)

Don’t forget to support Sylvia on Instagram @sylviamcelroy and check out her Shiru Shiru shop at  http://shirushiru.storenvy.com/


If you would like to share the products you have made with our fabrics and papers, you can tag us at #fashionformulauk and the Meet the makers tag #ffmeetthemakers on Instagram



To start creating your own custom fabric project, upload your designs here







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