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Introducing The Snood


We call it a Snood, some call it a Neck Warmer, a Neck Gaitor, an Infinity Scarf but basically it's just 
a winter hug for your face.


Kids snood


Made from lightweight, breathable and stretchy Anti-Microbial Agilo Lycra fabric (95% PE 5% Lycra) and available in 3 sizes (Child (2-5 yr), Junior and Adult).

The benefits of our anti-microbial Agilo Lycra are

  • Super bright durable print
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Inhibits the multiplication of odour-causing bacteria
  • Fresh textiles, even if washed at low temperatures
  • Washable up to 60c for increased hygiene

When they're not covering (or hugging) your face, they make the most versatile accessory. You can also use as a hair tie, bandana or head band.


8 snoods


Match with your mini!
It's no secret that twinning is winning, so get the whole family involved with Adult and Child sized Snoods.

match with your mini

Child Snoods starting at £9.50 each

approx finished size : 20 x 20 cm

Junior Snoods starting at £10.50 each

approx finished size : 22 x 33 cm

Adult Snood starting at £10.50 each

approx finished size : 24 x 33 cm

Quantity and wholesale discounts available.

Snoods can be purchased via the 'Homewares' section at fashion-formula.com 



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