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New Year, New Pricing

As an important member of our community, we wanted to inform you of a new change to our pricing structure. A number of our fabrics and wallpapers will be increasing in price in 2020.

Despite numerous pressures from Brexit, the market and the fact we ensure all our staff are paid a living wage, we have fought hard to ensure prices have not risen over the past 3 years. However this year saw a significant rise in the cost of cotton and polyester bases and inks, on the back of fluctuating exchange rates. The result of which is sadly a small rise in prices over last year ( an average of £1.50 per fabric).

Additionally we are structuring our prices differently to ensure we can successfully accomodate the growing number of small and medium size businesses and designer makers that rely on our excellent printing services week in and out.

Therefore the retail price of our fabric will be increasing with businesses and artists able to apply for an unlimited 20% discount on all our products, as well as additional access to some other non-retail products and special offers.

As we are only able to offer a wholesale services to a limited number of customers who apply, to ensure we can give the best possible business support and service, please ensure you apply early. As we grow, we will be able to expand this to more people. A price list will be included on your welcome package after application.

Should you wish to apply, please use the link below to do so.

Apply for wholesale account

On the back of this, commissions for existing designers will increase accordingly with the price rises, so you should see greater commissions paid with the same commission structures in place.

We are very happy to support so many independant artists, DIY designers and small businesses and look forward to working with you all in the New Year.

Kind regards,

Alexander Wills
Managing Director

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