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TUTORIAL: Dinosaur Plush Toy


Finished dino

Have you ever met a child that doesn’t love dinosaurs??? Neither have we!

This Dinosaur Plush Toy is perfect for little ones! It’s a great shape to hold and the ribbon spikes add that extra bit of sensory play!

The print used for this tutorial is Little Multicoloured Dinos On White designed by Micklyn_Le_Feuvre.

Micklyn_Le_Feuvre prints are available to shop on our website.

You can upload your own design or choose from our extensive online design catalogue provided by our design community. Our designers are paid a commission on every print sold.


Follow these simple steps to make a Dinosaur Plush Toy …


You will need:

You will need_7


         Fat quarter Light Minky fabric (65cm x 48cm)

*Light Minky is a lightweight fabric with a short pile that is soft to the touch – Minky fabrics are perfect for babies’ products because of their soft feel. You could also use our Plush Minky fabric, which is a slightly heavier weight.

         Fashion Formula Dinosaur Plush Toy Template - Part 1 - download file here

         Fashion Formula Dinosaur Plush Toy Template - Part 2 - download file here

         Celotape or double-sided tape (to combine template parts)

         Toy stuffing

*You can also use old pillow stuffing, fabric scraps or even reuse stuffing from old toys that need a new lease of life!

         80cm ribbon or tape (we have used 2cm wide ribbon)

         Sewing thread



        Fabric scissors or rotary cutter + cutting matt

         Paper scissors

         Dressmaking pins

         Sewing machine (can also be sewn by hand)

         Needle + thread

         Iron + ironing board


Step 1: Cut out the A4 paper Dinosaur Plush Toy Templates and combine Part 1 and Part 2.

Cut out template

Use paper or ordinary scissors for this step if you have them. When cutting paper, it’s always best to use normal scissors so you don’t make your fabric scissors blunt.



Step 2: Pin the templates to your fabric and cut out.

Cut out fabric

Pin the template to the right side of your fabric.

You will need to Cut 1 Pair of the template for the full dinosaur.

*It is really important to CUT 1 PAIR and not cut 2 of the same template. Cut 1 with the template print side up and then flip the template over and cut 1 more.

If you aren’t too worried about the print placement, you can fold the fabric in half and cut 2 at the same time to speed things up!




Step 3: Cut down the ribbon for the Dinosaur spikes, pin and secure to one side of the Dinosaur.

Dinosaur with ribbons

The widths of the ribbon or tape you are using will determine the amount of spikes you use. Play around with what you think looks best! You could even use different widths and colours! We have placed the spikes roughly 1cm apart and used 11 spikes.


Our suggested spike size guide for a 2cm wide ribbon: 7cm, 8cm, 9cm, 10cm, 10cm, 8cm, 7cm, 6cm, 6cm, 5cm, 4cm


Pin the ribbon lengths to the right side of the fabric, lining up the raw edges of the ribbon with the fabric edge.

Sew the spikes with a 0.5cm seam allowance.



Step 4: Line up the 2 Dinosaur pieces and sew right sides together.

Pin right sides together

Pin the body parts together so they stay in place when you are sewing.

Sew the body parts with a 1cm seam allowance.

*A smaller stitch will help you to navigate the curves of the shapes a lot easier.

Leave an opening on the bottom side of the tail – roughly 8cm. You will need to keep this open so you can turn the fabric the right way round and stuff your Dinosaur.


Step 6: Cut slits into seam allowance.

Cut slits2

Using fabric scissors, make slits into the seam allowance around all sewn areas of the dinosaur. Be careful not to cut the thread of the line you have just sewn! Stop the slit 1-2mm before the stitch line.

Cutting into the seam allowance will give your dinosaur a much better fluid shape when you turn it through. Areas with more defined curves or corners will need more snips.



Step 7: Turn the Dinosaur right side out, press and fill with toy stuffing.

Add stuffing

Use the edges of your scissors (blades together) to push out the corners/edges of the shapes.

Fill your dinosaur up with as much filling as you desire!


Step 8: Hand-sew the opening on the tail closed. 

When you are happy with the amount of filling in your dinosaur, hand-sew the tail opening closed with an invisible stitch.



Step 9: Have a ROAR-some time with your new Dinosaur!!!!

 Finished dino


You could take that extra step and hand-sew some facial features or a name onto your dinosaur! Get creative and personalise your new friend.




We love seeing our tutorials in action! Tag us in your photographs on instagram @fashionformulauk, use the hashtag #fashionformulauk or email us on [email protected]  


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