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TUTORIAL: Easter Egg Bean Bag Set

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Beanbags are a childhood favourite! Numbering your beanbags doubles them up as a great learning exercise as well as a fun game to keep your little ones entertained. Get the kids to help fill the beanbags with a range of household pantry objects so they’re not the only ones full of beans!

Easter Egg Bean Bags can be sewn by hand or machine.

The prints used for this tutorial are designed by TheCraftyPug and Lolah London. All prints are available to shop on our website. You can upload your own design or choose from our extensive online design catalogue provided by our design community. Our designers are paid a commission on every print sold.


 Follow these simple steps to Make a Set of Easter Egg Bean Bags...


You will need:


·         65cm x 48cm fabric piece (We have used our Cotton Drill fabric printed to a Fat Quarter size – this makes 7 Easter Egg Bean Bags )

·         Whatever you have available to fill your bean bags. (Dry beans, lentils, rice, pasta, cooking beads etc.)

·         Standard sewing thread to match fabric



·         Fashion Formula Easter Egg Bean Bag Template - download file here

·         Fabric scissors OR rotary cutter and cutting matt

·         Sewing Machine OR Needle and thread

·         Pins

·         Iron and ironing board

·         Funnel or plastic bottle to make into a funnel (to help with filling)


Step 1: Cut out the A4 paper Easter Egg Bean Bag Template.

Step 1_4

 Use paper or ordinary scissors for this step if you have them. When cutting paper, it’s always best to use normal scissors so you don’t make your fabric scissors blunt. 



Step 2: Fold fabric in half, pin Easter Egg Bean Bag Template to your fabric and cut out edges.

Step 2_3

Folding the fabric in half means that you straightaway cut 2 of the template. This isn’t essential but speeds things up and makes sure you have an even number! 2 Easter Eggs are needed for each Beanbag.

Step 2b



Step 3: Pin the Easter Eggs right sides together and sew.

Step 3_6 

Leave around a 3cm opening at the bottom of the Bean Bag. This is where you will add the filling. (Change opening size depending on the funnel size you are using)

You may find it useful to use a small stitch around the curved edge of the Easter Egg as this will give you more control.



Step 4: Trim down the edges of the Bean Bags up to the opening point. Step 4_4

   Trim down seam allowance to 3-5mm. This will help to create a good shape when you turn the eggs the right way round.

 Leave the opening seam allowance to 1cm as this will help when adding the filling.



Step 5: Turn the Bean Bags out to the right sides, add your filling and close.

Step 5_4 If you don’t have access to a funnel, a plastic bottle work great! Cut a bottle in half and turn it upside down, voila!

Once you are happy with the amount of filling, turn in the seam allowance of the opening and hand-sew the Bean Bags shut.



Step 6: Start your game of Bean Bags!

Step 6_3


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