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TUTORIAL: Easter shapes for decoration & play!

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Use our Easter Shapes Cut Template to make gorgeous spring flowers, butterflies and even an Easter Egg hunt – no sewing machine required!!

All shapes can be used/adapted to work inside or outside the home. This is a great opportunity to use whatever you have laying around the house to get crafty and show off your creativity!


The prints used for this tutorial are designed by TheCraftyPug and are available to shop on our website. You can upload your own design or choose from our extensive online design catalogue provided by our design community. Our designers are paid a commission on every print sold.


 Follow these simple steps to use our Easter Shapes Cut Template...


You will need:

you will need 


·     ·       65cm x 48cm fabric piece (We have used our Cotton Drill fabric printed to a Fat Quarter size – this is a good size to fit in lots of shapes)

·         Whatever you have available to prop up and display your shapes. (Old pencils / pegs / lollypop sticks / hair pins etc.)

·       Buttons or beads for centre of the flowers – not essential

·       Anything else you want to use to decorate your shapes (Pipe cleaners make excellent Butterfly antennae

·       Sticky tape, glue gun or double sided tape.

·         Standard sewing thread



·         Fashion Formula Easter Shapes Cut Template - download file here

·         Fabric scissors OR rotary cutter and cutting matt (Decorative scissors or pinking sheers work great for a decorative edge!)

·         Needle and thread

·        Pattern chalk or pencil


Step 1: Cut out the A4 paper Easter Shapes Cut Template.

Step 1_2 Use straight cut scissors for this step. You do not need to use decorative scissors or pinking sheers.

When cutting paper, it’s always best to use normal scissors so you don’t make your fabric scissors blunt.



Step 2: Use the template to mark the Easter Shapes on the wrong side of the fabric. step2

It’s important to mark your shapes on the wrong side of the fabric so you don’t see any of the markings on the right side of your finished creations.

If you are using straight cut scissors, mark the shapes right next to each other so you don’t waste fabric and have more space to cut extra shapes! You could also pin the shapes to the fabric if you prefer.

If you are using decorative scissors or pinking sheers, leave around 1cm between shapes when marking them on the fabric.


Step 3: Cut out the Easter Shapes.

Step 3_4We’ve used a combination of pinking sheers and straight scissors here. Both work very well!


Now you have all your shapes cut out, lets look at different ways you can secure and display them. 


1.   Make your own Easter Egg Hunt

Egg hunt_1

This one requires the least work but probably creates the most fun!

Simply use tape or glue to stick your shapes onto props (old pencils / pegs / lollypop sticks / hair pins etc.) so you can start sticking them into plant pots and grass to hide them around the house or garden. You could also use double-sided sticky tape to attach your eggs to objects around the house.

Egg hunt2 


2.   Beautiful fabric butterflies

Butterflies 1_2

Butterflies 2_1

You might have been using this time at home to get in touch with nature and even enjoyed a bit of butterfly spotting! Here are a few you wont find on your chart!

 This one requires a little bit of hand sewing if you want to take make your butterflies 3D. Make a basic running stitch (5mm per stitch) to gather the body of your butterfly. We’ve tied the ends of the thread to make antennae.

Pipe cleaners make excellent Butterfly antennae and you could also secure your butterflies to pegs so you can clip them onto plants and trees and make sure they don’t fly away!



3.   Spring Flowers


Flowers2 You can layer up as many petal shapes here as you like! 

Make sure you mark the centre points of the petals so they line up nicely when you sew them together. We’ve used buttons for the middle of our flowers but this is not essential.

Using a few different fabrics is a great way to make your flowers truly unique!


Flowers butterflies 


Happy hiding, happy hunting and Happy Easter!!



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