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TUTORIAL: Hexagon Memo boards


Sure, it’s easy enough to buy a pin board online to use for your daily lessons, but just because you’re home schooling, it doesn’t mean your home needs to look like a school! Take pride in your new normal and decorate your work area!

Prints used for this tutorial are designed by Pixiesandlynn.

All prints are available to shop on our website. You can upload your own design or choose from our extensive online design catalogue provided by our design community. Our designers are paid a commission on every print sold.


 Follow these simple steps to make a fabric covered Hexagon memo board ... 


You will need:

You will need_3


-     65cm x 48cm fabric piece - This is enough to make 2 pin boards using our template (We have used our Organic Calico & Organic Satin)

-     Foam board (We are using A3 size – this is enough for 3 hexagons)

-     Something sticky (glue, glue gun, tape, double sided tape etc.)  


-     Fashion Formula Hexagon Cut Template - download file here

*Our template makes a finished Hexagon memo board measuring 28cm x 24cm. If you require a bigger or small board, you can easily amend the template. Make sure you add equal amounts to all outer sides of the hexagon (do not add to centre line).

-     Fabric scissors 

-     Craft knife/scalpel and cutting matt (scissors work fine if you don’t have this)

-     Pen/pencil/chalk to mark template

-     Pins

Step 1: Cut out the A4 paper Hexagon Cut templates

Step 1_6

Cut out the templates, line up the central line of the hexagon parts and stick together the 2 longest edges.

Small Hexagon: Use for cutting foam board/corkboard

Large Hexagon: Use for cutting fabric 

*If you require a bigger or small board, you can easily amend the template. Make sure you add equal amounts to all outer sides of the hexagon (do not add to centre line). 

Use paper or ordinary scissors for this step if you have them. When cutting paper, it’s always best to use normal scissors so you don’t make your fabric scissors blunt.


Step 2: Using the Small Hexagon shape, mark the template onto the foam and cut out.Step 2_4

If you are left with a lot of scrap/extra foam board, you can tape them together to make more hexagons. Make sure you put tape on both sides so the boards are strong.

If you have them, using a craft knife and metal ruler work great here for smooth, straight edges.


Step 3: Using the Large Hexagon shape, pin the template to the fabric and cut out.

Step 3_7

The Large Hexagon shape is only slightly larger than the Small Hexagon shape. The extra fabric is used to fold round the boards.

We are using 5mm thick foam boards so the fold over is 15mm. If you are using thicker boards you will need to extend the Large Hexagon shape on all outside edges so that you have more fabric to fold over the edges (see Step 1).


Step 4: Place the foam board on the wrong side of the fabric and glue the edges.

Step 4_5

Make sure you leave equal fabric around all edges of the Hexagon so you have enough to fold around all edges.

Work with opposite edges to make sure the fabric lays flat across the board.

Glue one side at a time and wait until each side has dried before gluing the next side.


Step 5: Put your pinboard up on the wall or prop it up on your desk!

Days of the week2

We decided to make 5 Hexagon memo boards – one for each day of the working week!    



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