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TUTORIAL: Kids Turtle Wash Mitt


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The print used for this tutorial is Teal Blue Ink – Watercolour Hexagon Pattern designed by Micklyn_Le_Feuvre.

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You can upload your own design or choose from our extensive online design catalogue provided by our design community. Our designers are paid a commission on every print sold.


 Follow these simple steps to make a Turtle Wash Mitt ...


You will need:

You will need_5


         Fat quarter Terry Towelling Fabric (65cm x 48cm)

*Terry Towelling fabric is woven with lots of protruding loops of thread, which means the fabric has a high absorbency – perfect for towels and wash mitts!

         Fashion Formula Wash Mitt Template - download file here

         Fashion Formula Turtle Parts Wash Mitt Template - download file here

         Sewing thread 


        Fabric scissors or rotary cutter + cutting matt

         Paper scissors

         Dressmaking pins

         Sewing machine or needle + thread

         Iron + ironing board

         Overlocker (not essential)


Step 1: Cut out the A4 paper Turtle Wash Mitt templates.

Cut out your template_1 

Use paper or ordinary scissors for this step if you have them. When cutting paper, it’s always best to use normal scissors so you don’t make your fabric scissors blunt.


Step 2: Pin the templates to your fabric and cut out.

Cut out your fabric

Pin the templates to the right side of your fabric.

You will need to cut 2 of each template for the full wash mitt. If you aren’t too worried about the print placement, you can fold the fabric in half and cut 2 at the same time to speed things up!

Be sure to cut the notches, as this is where you will line up the turtle body parts with the wash mitt.


Step 3: Match up pairs of turtle body parts and sew wrong sides together.

Sew body pieces right sides together_1

Sew the body parts with a 5mm seam allowance. A smaller stitch will help you to navigate the curves of the shapes a lot easier.

Do not sew the short straight sides together. You will need to keep this open so you can turn the fabric the right way round.


Step 4: Turn the turtle body parts right side out and press.

Turn and press

Use the edges of your scissors (blades together) to push out the corners/edges of the shapes.


Step 5: Place turtle body parts onto the right side of one of the wash mitt sides and secure with a basting stitch between the corresponding notches.

Baste body parts to mitt

Line up the raw edges of the fabric pieces and secure at 5mm. The turtle body will lay inwards for now.


Step 6: Hem the two sides of the wash mitt.


If you have one available, use an overlocker along the wash mitt edge before hemming.

Press the edges of both wash mitts upwards 2.5cm.

Sew a topstitch line across both mitts to secure.



Step 7: Sew together the two wash mitt sides.

Secure together 

Pin the turtles head and arms to the wash matt so that they do not get caught while you are sewing the 2 sides of the wash mitt together.

If you have one available, use an overlocker for this to secure any loose threads.

 If you are using a sewing machine only, sew together at 1cm.


Additional step: Fabric loop


If you require a fabric hanging loop, you can cut a rectangle in your leftover fabric.

We recommend cutting a 4cm x 20cm strip of fabric.

Fold the strip in half lengthways and sew the long edge using a 5mm seam allowance.

Turn the fabric the right way round (*attaching a safety pin to one side and feeding it through the tunnel will help with this).

Secure to wash mitt.



Step 8: Turn your wash mitt the right way out and press. 



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