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TUTORIAL: Make your own Sleep Eye Mask

Finished product

Love the idea of getting crafty and seeing your prints come to life but don’t know where to start? We’re here for you! We have recently relaunched our Sewentists platform to bring you fortnightly tutorials from our inhouse studio team and designer/maker community to show you the wonderful ways you can use our fabrics and print design catalogue.

To coincide with Mothers Day (Sunday 22nd March), our first tutorial is a step by step guide on how to Make your own Sleep Eye Mask.

The Eye mask can be made using as little fabric as a Sample Print. Sample prints are our minimum order quantity, measuring at 20cm x 20cm and starting from as low as £1.67.


 Follow these simple steps to learn how...


You will need:

You will need 2


·         20cm x 20cm fabric piece for outer layers (Choose fabrics that are easy to wash and sit comfortably on your face)

·         OPTIONAL – 20cm x 20cm fabric piece for covered elastic trim

·         10cm x 20cm fabric piece for inner layer (Should be thicker than outer layers. Preferably blackout – should not let light through)

·         12mm x 35cm elastic (Alternatively, you could also use ribbon ties 2 x 45cm)

·         Standard sewing thread matching to chosen outer fabric



·         Fashion Formula Sleep Eye Mask Template - download file here Fashion Formula Eyemask Template

·         Pins

·         Ruler or tape measure

·         Fabric scissors OR rotary cutter and cutting matt

·         Sewing machine OR needle and thread


Step 1: Pin the Sleep Eye Mask Template to your fabric (outer and inner layers) and cut out edges and pattern notches.

Step 1 -2

If you are using the same fabric for the outer layers, you can fold the fabric in half and cut out 2 at the same time.

Make sure the grain line (arrowed line in centre of pattern) is perpendicular to the selvedge of the fabric.

*Pattern notches are small marks on a pattern to be used as markers for trimmings or to ensure two points along a seam match up. In this case, the pattern notches are for the elastic placement. Cut a small slit into each notch, no larger than 5mm.


Step 2: Measure the elastic (or ribbon, if using) and pin to outer sides of the Eye mask between the pattern notches.

Step 2

You can measure the elastic by gently stretching it from the outside edge of one eye, round the back of your head to the outside edge of your other eye. Remember to add 2cm to the total for seam allowance. The elastic should be a comfortable fit around your head and not pulling too tight.

If you are making the eye mask as a gift, the standard measurement is 33cm.


Step 2A (optional): Cover your elastic with fabric

Step 2A

If you have extra fabric and want to add an extra luxurious touch to your eye mask, you can add a fabric covering to your elastic. This is also a particularly good option if you are using cheap elastic! We have made our elastic cover with another Sample Print size (20cm x 20cm)

-          Cut a rectangular piece measuring 5cm x 65cm (cut longer if you would like a more gathered look)

-          Sew right sides together at 1cm

-          Trim seam allowance to 0.5cm

-          Turn tube right way out and thread through elastic (TIP: Use a safety pin for this)

-          Secure elastic at both ends of fabric


Step 3: Secure the elastic to the fabric at a 5mm seam allowance.

Step 3

This will hold the elastic in place when you are sewing all layer together in Step 5. Make sure you sew at no more than 0.5cm so the stitch is not visible.


Step 4: Pin all layers together (right sides facing each other)

Step 4_1

Be careful of the elastic. Make sure it is positioned in the middle and not going into the seam allowance.


Step 5: Sew all layers together using a 1cm seam allowance

 Step 5

Leave an opening at the top of the eye mask so you can turn the fabric the right way round after sewing. You might find it helpful to use a smaller stitch around the nose ridge to create a smoother curve.


Step 6: Finish by hand or Topstitch a border

 Step 6


Step 7: RELAX and ENJOY your new Sleep Eye Mask!

Step 7


We love to hear from you and see our tutorials in action. Tag us on Instagram @fashionformulauk @thesewentists or email your photographs to [email protected] We are committed to bringing you new ideas and products via our Sewentists community. Let us know your ideas and suggestions of things you would like to see more of and learn How to.


Fancy yourself as a bit of a Sewentist? Read our blog to find out how YOU can get involved and join the community today!

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