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What is fast fashion and 5 top tips to avoid it


What is fast fashion? 

Fast fashion is clothing created at super speed to meet the demand of consumers. The clothing is usually made with cheap fabrics and dyes by people in sweatshops. It is often inexpensive clothing mass produced in response to the latest trends. 

The negative effect of the fast fashion industry:

The true cost of fast fashion is immense. The average weight of new clothing per head that we buy each year in the UK is 26.7kg. 235 million items of clothing were thrown away into landfill last year. 700,000 fibres are released on an average domestic washing cycle. Which then go into our water supply. 1.2 billion tonnes of carbon emissions come from the fashion industry. 

So here are our top 5 tips on how to avoid fast fashion:

fast fashion be more eco - fashion formula 

1. Quality over quantity:

Invest in your clothing and worry about what it is made out of and the longevity of the style. To put it another way, value matters more than volume. Buying fewer clothes less often to slow the rate of fashion consumption. If you can learn your personal style then fast fashion trends won’t need to matter.  Even better why not do some research and only shop at ethical brands. 

2. Support small businesses:

You know your friend that makes super cute handmade products? She probably needs your support. Shopping small businesses really does help prevent fast fashion. You can even support small businesses without spending a penny. Like or love their post. Comment on their posts. Share their posts. Tell your real-life friends about how cool their products are. 

3. DIY your dreams come true.

Instead of buying that wildly trendy dress made of cheap fabrics you will only wear once. Why not make that dream dress yourself. This might just be for the super savvy on a sewing machine but at least you know it will fit like a glove. If you’re not a wizz at dress maker there are lots of other much easier DIY projects you could try. Not only will it be really rewarding but crafting is known to be good for mental health. 

4. Care for your clothes.

With the average lifetime for a clothing garment in the UK estimated at just over 2 years and an estimated £140m worth of clothing ending up in a landfill each year. Taking good care of your clothes has never been more important to beat fast fashion culture. You can care for your clothes by washing them less and washing at low temperatures. Cutting down on dry cleaning as it's a highly chemical intense process that has negative environmental impacts. Anyway theres nothing like that freshly laundered, air dried smell when you get your clean clothes from the washing line! 

5. Shop secondhand & Vintage.

Buying second hand will always be more eco-friendly. This is because when you buy a used item you are saving on all the resources it took to make that item. Oh and did we mention owning secondhand items is a form of self expression? You can find some really quirky, unique and beautiful pieces. Plus it will save you money in the long run. 

So now you know what fast fashion is, why not use some of our top tips to help beat it. 

Remember fast fashion isn’t free. Someone somewhere is paying. 

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