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What products do you print on?


We have a selection of over 80 fabrics! Depending on what you are looking to use them for and to make sure your unique creation has the best outcome, please see our selection of fabrics here. Details about the use and specification of each fabric can be compared and you can easily pick whats the ideal one for you.



Our wallpaper range is carefully picked so that is easy to fit with the best results. We even have removable paper that needs no professional fitters is available and you can now reposition it until you find the best spot in your house or office space.


Gift Wrap

The perfect ‘gift wrap’ for your thoughtful gift. A really unique design for a special occasion. It can also be used for anything you can think of such as scrap books or any paper craft you are involved with!



You can order a range of home accessories such as Aprons, Tea Towels and Cushions that are perfect for gifts or jazzing up your living room, bedroom or kitchen.


Sample Books

Order a Sample book today - it includes all our fabrics, wallpaper and gift wrap samples! Please note that the sample book has the products unprinted, if you are interested on the quality of the print you can get a sample print of your own design or any design from the shop from just £1.00.


Plain Fabric

You can purchase plain meters of our fabrics to complete your design project. Simply go onto the Plain fabrics page, and select the fabric and the quantity you want.

What if the fabric is out of stock?

We aim to keep a good supply of each of our fabric bases but sometimes things happen out of our control. If a fabric is showing as 'out of stock', you can sign up to be notified as soon as the item is back in stock. No need to keep checking back, we'll let you know!

A 'Back in Stock' date should also be visible next to the item in the fabric menu. If this is not the case, check with our team for more information.

What fabrics do you print on?

We print on a wide range of cotton and polyester fabric bases and have a selection of over 80 fabrics!

Depending on what you are looking to use them for and to make sure your unique creation has the best outcome, please see our selection of fabrics here. Details about the use and specification of each fabric can be compared and you can easily pick whats the ideal one for you.


The best way to view our entire fabric range is to order a Sample Book. Sample Books include our full range of fabric bases. All fabrics are printed so you can get an idea of how different fabrics react to dye when printed. Order your sample book here.

Do you sell plain fabrics?

Yes. You can buy any of our fabrics either printed or plain. You can buy plain fabric here.

How do I care for my fabric?

Each fabric has unique care instructions based on its composition and finish. You can find the care instructions for each fabric on the corresponding fabric page. Please follow these instructions carefully to make the most out of your fabrics.

Where can I find the price list?

Our fabric prices are subject to change so please ensure you always have the most up to date Price List. We offer fabric discounts by quantity. The more you order, the cheaper the price per metre.

Browse our comprehensive list of all our fabrics and the prices for printing here.

How do I find the fabric certifications?

You can download the full fabric list with all certification information or your can find each fabric's details underneath the main image. Additionally to the certification you can also see all care information, measurements, character details and close up photographs.

Base fabrics

How do I order a fabric sample?

You can order either a standard printed Sample Book or a 20x20cm Sample Print of your own design.

The best way to view our entire fabric range is to order a Sample Book. All fabrics are printed so you can get an idea of how different fabrics react to dye. Order your sample book here. 

If you are looking to sample your own design, create an account and upload your design here.

What does 'FR' mean?

FR stands for Flame Retardant.

Many of our FR fabrics are inherently Flame Retardant, meaning that they have been made specifically to be this, instead of being normal fabric sprayed with a FR solution. These are ideal for interior uses, such as curtains and upholstery. Some of the FR fabrics are FR backed. 

Do you have waterproof fabrics?

Yes! We currently stock several waterproof fabrics and we regularly add more fabrics to our range.

Currently, our waterproof fabrics are: Lotus Twill, Aqua Plain Tex, Tentex, Soft Shell Ulta and Waterproof Suede FR.

Do you print on silk?

Unfortunately we do not currently print on silk.

The nature of our printing processes do not react well with silk as we require heat to cure the inks at a high temperature at the end of the production run, and silk should not be put under a high heat.


We do offer some great high-quality polyester silks that make excellent alternatives such as Faux-silky, Poly Georgette, and Poly Chiffon. We recommend you order a Sample Book to receive swatches of our full fabric range.

How do I calculate the amount of wallpaper I need?

What you need?
A tape measure or laser measure


How to do it?
1. Measure the width of the wall from wall to wall.

If the wall is straight then this measurement should be fine.
If the wall is curved or a funny shape, then it is best to take a measurement at the bottom and the top and use the largest of the two

*Add 5-10 cm for allowance as walls can often measure smaller than they are.


2. Measure the height of the wall from the ceiling to the edge of the skirting board or the floor.

Measure this in 3 places - the left corner, the middle and the right corner. Do not add in skirting unless you plan to remove it.

*Add 5- 10 cm allowance for trimming off


3. Calculate how many rolls you need to create the wall.

Our Wallpaper is supplied in two sizes :

Single Panel : 60 cm wide x 300 cm high

Double Panel : 120 cm wide x 300 cm high


You can always purchase the untrimmed paper option if your wall is higher than 3m long. This can be as long as you need.


An example of wall calculation :

Width = 250 cm + 10 cm allowance = 260 cm

Height = 275 cm + 10 cm allowance = 285 cm


Make sure the height fits, then take the width and divide it by the width of the panel you want to use

eg. 260 cm / 60 cm = 5  Single Panels or 260 cm / 120cm = 3 Double Panels

Do you sell fabric that is safe for children?

Yes we do. We have several fabrics that have been tested and certified as safe for children such as: Stretch Jersey, Cuddle Fleece, Easy Quilt, Calico and all our Organic Cottons.


These fabrics have been tested for suitability in children's products and passed the following tests with flying colours:


BS EN 71-3:2013+A1:2014 Migration of Certain Elements in Accordance with REACH Regulation No. 1907/2006 - Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC

BS EN ISO 14184-1:2011  - Free from Formaldehyde BS EN ISO 105 C06: 2010 - Colourfastness to Washing

BS EN ISO 105 X12: 201 - Colourfastness to Rubbing.   


All our fabric is sourced from REACH-compliant mills across the world who maintain a level of quality in terms of child labor, ecological impact and responsibility.





- Gen Tests - LEI17103356A

- Formaldehyde - LEI17103358A





- Gen Tests - LEI17103352A

- Formadehyde - LEI17103354A





- Gen Tests - LEI17103331A

- Formaldehyde - LEI17103333A




- EN71-3 - LEI19014664A

- Formaldehyde - LEI19014661A

-Oekotex D- Calico

- Gen Tests - LEI19014658A




- Formaldehyde - LEI19014647A

- Gen Tests - LEI19014646A






- EN71- 3 - LEI19014154A

- Formaldehyde - LEI19014092A




- Formadehyde - LEI19014655A

- Light Fastness LEI19014827A

- EN71- 3- LEI19014656A

- LEI19014653A



Organic Interlock

Single Cotton Elastane Jersey


Please download full list here


Our Eco Credentials


Please find some additional information about our printing process for these fabrics:


Polyester inks used passed the following accredited standards:


-Oeketex 100 - Product Class II Oeketex Eco Passport



Cotton inks used passed the following accredited standards:


-GOTS 6.0 standards
-Oeketex 100 - Product Class I Oeketex Eco Passport


You can find the credentials for each fabric on the corresponding fabric page.

How sustainable are your products and processes?

We work daily to make our work more sustainable.

Our processes use 95% less energy than traditional textile printing. We use only 100% renewable energy sources.

We are proud to say we have an eco-conscious production virtually no water used. Find out more about our Commitment to Sustainable Innovation & Social Responsibility.

If I print on fabric and paper, will the colours be the same?

Not necessarily. All of our wallpaper and fabric bases have their own individual starting colour, some are bright white, some are off-white and some are more cream or yellow.

We would really recommend ordering samples to check the colours, and then you can colour match accordingly. 

Do you have recycled fabrics?

Yes we do! We have a growing range of recycled fabrics.

You can find these in the eco book in the sample pack.

Alternatively let us know what you’d like to make and we can advise the best recycled fabric to use. 

Where is the fabric produced?

Our fabric is printed right here in the factory in Park Royal in North-West London.

We source our fabric bases globally from a number of different suppliers, if you want to know the origins of a particular fabric, let us know! 

Can't find the answer you are looking for?

Our working hours are Mon-Fri 8.30-4.30 pm UK Time (excluding UK public holidays) Alternatively, you can leave us a message or consult our FAQ pages if the answer to your question can be found there.