Design your own fabric

1. Select Your File

Acceptable formats: TIFF, JPG, PNG, GIF. File must be less than 40MB (150 Dpi recommended)

Your file will remain private and confidential unless you actively choose to create a store and sell it online

2. Confirm Copyright

The legal bit - Protecting the IP rights of designers. Fashion Formula supports the creativity of individual artist and designers. Uploading images that infringe on others Intellectual property rights, such as Copyright, Trademarks and design rights are a violation of our terms of service.

3. Upload Your Design

Click below to upload your design to the site (large designs can take up to 5 minutes).

Colour Matching Information

Please note that to avoid disappointment, we always recommend ordering a sample print before ordering bulk meters if exact accuracy of colour is important.


Although we use state-of-the art colour matching technology, as all screens display colours differently and all materials print slightly differently, we are unable to guarantee matching colours to screen.


20 x 20 cm Sample prints are available on all our bases from between £1.00 - £4.00 and we also offer a colour atlas if you would like to pick specific colours for your designs.