Templates for printing and sewing

Easy to use templates for printing and sewing

Click on the below links to download a template

Tea Towel template


Apron template - Child

Apron template - Apron


Blanket Template - 70 x 100 cm

Blanket Template - 140 x 100 cm

Blanket Template - 140 x 200 cm


Click on the below links to download a template

Sample Print template

Fat quarter template

Linear meter - 1m - template

Linear meter - 2m - template


Click on the below links to download a template


Face mask template

DIY Memo board template

Dog Bandana template



1. Upload your own or select a design


Upload your design or photo or choose from thousand of independent designers.


2. Order it on any  base


Order the design on fabric or paper base, including organic & recycled options.


3.  We print it and ship it


We print it, sew it if needed ship it all over the world. Plain label shipping available.


''The major draws for me, for your company were that it has the eco-friendly fabrics, like the organic fabrics and also the certificates for testing because I make baby products. I think having fabric certificates is a really good thing because with other companies you have to chase them to ask them, have they got certificates? I've asked people if they've tested and they haven't and then I'm like, well, I'm not going to use them. Because then I will have to pay for the testing myself.''


Erin Plant

Choose a Base Fabric

''I could order fat quarters or samples. There was no minimum order, which I was in those obstacles with other printers. I like your website as well. It's very easy to use when I've been uploading to other peoples, I like that your website will tell me exactly the size of the print I have uploaded. I look on your website, and I know if I have made a mistake because I can see it. It's there on the screen. It's telling me exactly what size it's supposed to be. And that for me was a big, big, big help. Because I can check it before I uploaded, your website is easy to use, it’s bright, its colourful and that's what caught my eye as well.''


Louise Ramsey