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Design Brief : Movie/ Theatre pattern

Design Brief :  Movie/ Theatre pattern

Create a replica of a pattern from your favourite TV, Movie or theatre show.

Upload the design with the name of the show /movie as the name of the design. You can also add additional images of the original design in the additional images part of the upload design page to show off the original.

Winners will be chosen both from the total votes attained and an internal Fashion Formula team vote. Extra marks will be given for creativity, technical ability and accuracy to the original design.

1st Place Prize : £50.00 voucher for Fashion Formula
2nd & 3rd Place Prize : £15.00 voucher for Fashion Formula
4th & 5th Place Prize : £5.00 voucher for Fashion Formula

How to Submit a design :

1. Log in to Fashion Formula. If you do not have a username yet, set one up here
2. Upload your design through our upload page and set the repeat and scale you want to use
3. Go to ' My Studio' and then 'My Designs', and click on 'Edit' on the design you want to enter
4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and on 'Add to weekly contest', select the contest you want to enter the design into and Save

Lastly promote your design with friends, family and your design community to help your likes and good luck!

Ending 21st January 2018

Clueless - Yellow Plaid

by fashfo

2001 A space odyssey

by clairdeluneuk

A taste for small pleasures

by RuthRobson