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What type of printed fabric do you offer?

At Fashion Formula, we have a large selection of high quality fabrics for wonderful prints. The number of options is pretty impressive: we have around 80 fabric printing options suitable for fashion, interiors and craft! You can visit our Products Page, which gives you all the vital information about the fabrics, including images of the weave and the drape. Fabrics include Satin, Drill, Light Twill, Top Sateen, Bamboo, Poplin, Linen, Georgette, Crepe de Chine, Chiffon, Canvas, Lycra and many more. If that can help you make the best choice for your print, you see and feel the fabrics by buying a sample book with the different fabrics in them. Alternatively, you can buy a sample with your own print on it.

Can I print a sewing fabric using the uploaded photo?

Absolutely! Personalisation is a Fashion Formula signature feature. You can see the process here, step by step. First, you need to upload your design in TIFF, JPG, PNG, GIF formats (files must be less than 40MB). Your file will remain private and confidential unless you actively choose to create a store and sell it online. Then, you need to confirm the copyright and that you own the rights or have permission to use this image. Then, upload your design and enjoy your creative vision coming to life. You’re the creator and we’re giving you the best available fabric printing

How long does it take to print my fabric?

With our current production time for fabric and wallpaper, we estimate delivery for your fabric print within 3-5 working days from when you place your order to when it ships. Add a few more days for sewn accessories. Many of our orders will likely ship much earlier than stated, depending on elements such as the volume of orders we are currently processing. Shipping time, once it has left us, will depend on the shipping option you have chosen. Please find more information here.

Can your fabric be used for sewing clothes?

Yes, this is what we’re here for. Our range of fabrics is so versatile because it enables you to design anything you want to create. Dresses, t-shirts, bags, trousers, scarves, lingerie. But also bespoke homeware for your home: your one of a kind custom fabric prints can be used for cushions and kitchenware, bed sheets, tablecloths, or any other purpose your creativity envisions.

How much does it cost to print fabrics?

Fabric printing starts at £11.99 per metre, including fabric. In fact, all prices include base fabric and digital printing: there are no setup or hidden costs. You can find this complete and easy to use price guide for our online prices for designers here. If you’re a business, artist or designer and order regular volumes of fabrics, home products or wallpaper, we offer a 20% discount to eligible qualifying customers. That being said, there’s no minimum order!