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Contest Winners : Childrens Playtime

Weekly Pattern Design Competition Results

Design Brief : Children's Playtime

A design contest based around interesting designs for children, we had lots of great entries..

Congratulations to the winners listed below as voted by our website users. We look forward to seeing your designs coming through our factory on fabric and paper.

The next design brief for our weekly contest is : Jungle Chic

Submissions and voting closes on the 30th June so get your designs submitted and win some other fantastic prizes

1st place : Jackie Tahara - 1 large Quilted Blanket

 XWD103973_unblink_studio_Basic_150_23062017ff jpg.jpg (442 KB)


2nd Place : Ruth Robson from UK - £15 store Credit

 XWD102772_RuthRobson_Basic_1142.49_23062017 FF.jpg (209 KB)

3rd Place :Dora Font - £15 store credit

 XWD106258_DoraYvonneTextiles_Basic_150_23062017.jpg (582 KB)

4th Place : Maria Tresoldi  - £5 gift voucher

 XWD106612_Marielatresoldi_Basic_790.07_21062017.jpg (1.21 MB)

5th Place : Deborah Ballew - £5 Gift Voucher

 Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 00.56.02.png (161 KB)



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