Our Commitment to Sustainable  Innovation & Social Responsibility  

We work daily to make our work more sustainable.

It's our responsibility, as entrepreneurs,

as designers, as humans.

We Believe in Minimising Fabric and Ink Waste


We print on demand, meaning we only print what you order. Our cotton & linen printing processes use no water and produce less than a thimble of ink waste per 100m printed. 


All of our inks meet the Oeko-Tex 100 Class 1 and GOTS 5.0 requirements and are safe for kids (EN71-3 certified).


We ONLY print what is needed, no more wasted fabric sitting on shelves. We don't resell or restock any printed material that is returned to us.


When printing mistakes happen or material that doesn't pass quality control (although we are proud to say this doesn't happen often) we donate the fabric to charity, universities and schools. Unwanted material is always recycled. 

We Believe in Sustainable Innovation


Traditional textile printing uses vast amounts of water, energy, and waste. To produce the cheapest product most mills ignore the massive impact on our environment. However, Fashion Formula works daily to counteract the status quo and minimize our impact.


Our processes use 95% less energy than traditional textile printing. We use only 100% renewable energy sources. We are proud to say we have an eco-conscious production virtually no water used

We Believe in Zero Waste


The fashion industry has a bad reputation for wasteful practices however we at Fashion Formula implemented a  'zero waste policy.


We send excess fabric and cut-offs to local charities, schools, and educational institutes for reuse.


Professional waste management companies currently recycle paper and ink waste to avoid being sent to landfills. All our machines are fitted with energy-saving cut-off switches which result in reduced energy consumption when idle.

We Believe in Safe Material


Our materials are ethically sourced and bought from UK trusted mills where possible, helping the local economy and reducing our carbon footprint.  All of the mills we work with use are REACH accredited, and many also hold SEDEX accreditation.

We Believe Local Production


We produce your entire order in our NW London mill, and we are happy to accommodate pick-ups to reduce our carbon footprint. 

We Believe in Our Team


Fashion Formula focuses on building a diverse, inclusive team and culture, one in which all voices are welcomed and heard. This culture of belonging reflects the diversity of the creatives we work with, the people who print our products, and the businesses we serve.


We are committed to paying the London Living Wage for staff and being a fair, open, and responsible employer. We believe strongly in equal pay and opportunity between gender, race, religion and otherwise.


We invest in the education and training of young artists and students in textile printing and fabric production.

We Believe in Shopping Small


As a part of our business model, we are committed to supporting small and medium businesses. Shop Small is a nationwide movement to celebrate small businesses every day and help communities thrive and stay vibrant. By shopping at small businesses, you show your support to your community.


It is important to us at Fashion Formula to help small businesses, by giving them opportunities they wouldn't have with traditional textile printing.

"Fashion Formula has the biggest selection of fabrics and we could get it really quickly with whatever prints we wanted. 

Fashion Formula already has a varied amount of qualities, which is why I always come back.


I'm much more, leaning towards more environmentally friendly,  fabric spaces and love the fact that you print in the UK. "


Sarah Brown

Why People Choose Fashion Formula

Outstanding Quality

Using latest industrial digital fabric printers

Certified Fabrics

Oeko-Tex and kid-friendly fabrics

Worldwide Shipping

with no minimum order quantity

Eco-Friendly Inks

over 80 fabrics & papers to pick

Super Fast Printing

Ships in 2-5 days from our London Mill